Trigon strives to provide the best quality rentals available to you 24/7, 365 days a year. If you are a Industrial, Marine, or Oilfield company , you need only one number and one stop, that's TRIGON.

  • Air Tools and Accessories
  • Offshore Baskets
  • Certfied Aluminum Tool Boxes
  • Blowers and Volume Tanks
  • Air Compressors

and much more

Why Rent from Trigon?

When you rent from Trigon we have a team that is constantly working to get the best price and quality product you can get. We have learned through the years that constant pricing and quality assurance not only guarantees Trigon the best profitability, but also passing the lower costs to our valued clients. Contact us now and let us klnow how we can help.

Download our current Rental Rates. Simply click the download link and save to your desktop.

   Rental Rate List